Custom framing

….. means we help You design the best option in a frame that is tailor-made for Your particular Artwork, Photo or Treasured Item.

Conservation framing

….. means determining the degree of environmentally protective materials suited to an individual Artwork or Artifact. Also referred to as Archival or Museum considerations.

Commercial framing

….. means the Corporate Office, the Hotel, the Restaurant, the Retail – Art Defined provides a boutique in-house consulting service for Your desired style and ambiance.

Children, Family, Students and Artists

….. means we discount all Your Offspring’s Masterpieces and Certificates. We also extend this discount on Student’s and Artist’s Degrees and Artworks. We are child-friendly with a toy-box and books to occupy them!

Residential in-house consults are available too.

Our ready-made frames and discontinued frame lines can be perfect as an economical option. We can re-size your old frames and welcome your inquiries for an obligation-free quote.

Conservation / Restoration / Repair

Art Defined is able to consult and refer-on for a range of Conservation and Archival restoration specialist services for Your Works of Art.